Sunday greens.

Super spinach pancakes

I am so sorry for the lack of love I’ve been giving Hello Marshmellow lately… school has just consumed me and I’ve had no time to cook! I couldn’t bare the thought of another day without cooking, so here is a new recipe I tried from Jamie Oliver’s newest veg cookbook, I think it’s an absolute winner and I urge you to try it as soon as you can…

It’s a Sunday, you’ve had a sleep in and you want to amp up your average omelette for breakfast. A dollop of cottage cheese finished with a tomato, avocado, lime, spring onion and coriander salsa atop a super spinach crepe. What could be more appetising?

This dish just screams Summer, flavour, zing and fun times: all the things I look forward to at the end of the year. With a final squeeze of lime and a few shakes of hot chilli sauce, this is a meal that you’ll feel chuffed waking up to. All you have to do then is eat it! Yummmm

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