Fancy afternoon tea

Chocolate Profiteroles

While I am slowing coming to accept the fact that it is no longer Summer, I can also accept that the upcoming months can give me the excuse to stay inside and cook!

Yes, there’s no more beach swims, no more warm nights and no more soaking up the sun, but there’s cosy clothes, a warm house and delicious comfort food!

This weekend I felt the need to start the cooking season ahead and decided to make some decadent chocolate profiteroles!

While the choux pastry may seem simple, it is so hard to get right! (Picture: me sitting in front of the oven door praying that they will turn out). But, when done right, filled with delicious homemade vanilla creme patissiere and topped with bitter melted chocolate, it is absolute heaven and so worth the fuss.

Of course, you can change up the flavours. This choux pastry recipe is quite neutral so you have the choice whether to go sweet or savoury. Some common ideas include, filling them with whipped cream instead of creme patissiere, changing them from chocolate to toffee or icing sugar, or even leaving out the filling and topping them with melted cheese for a savoury twist!

And, if you are feeling confident, they can even be stacked and transformed into an extravagant croquembouche! Go crazy x

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