Dipping into pita

Homemade pita bread and tzatziki dip

As I was flipping through the latest Gourmet Traveller magazine, I came across a section titled ‘Greek Feast’ with recipes for Greek salad, Greek custard tart and even a lemon barbecue chicken. But what caught my eye was the homemade pita bread and tzatziki dip, it sounded delicious! The thought of warm charred pita paired with a cold tangy dip persuaded me to give it a go, and the results…. amazing!

This dish was everything I expected and more. It was so simple: even the homemade pita! If you have a stand mixer, it’s a breeze to prepare (despite all the proofing you need to do). And the tzatziki dip was even more straight forward. It contains labne: Greek yoghurt that has been strained over a muslin overnight. Topped with pickled diced cucumber, a drizzle of oil, a sprinkling of chilli, a seasoning of salt and pepper and some herbs (the recipe called for dill but I used oregano) and volià!

There’s something about making a classic dish and putting a delicious modern spin on it. So so good! And why not make the most of those warm summer nights, before you know it they will pass and you will be yearning for the next summer. So cook this incredible dish while you can!

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