The real deal: well, almost.

Cous cous with grilled cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs

[Picture: You’re at a cafe along the Amalfi coast sipping an Aperol Spritz, devouring a delicious caprese salad and watching the most amazing sunset you have ever seen.]

This sounds like a very appealing vision, but in reality you are at home, in the middle of homework and struggling for ideas for what to cook for dinner. You are absolutely desperate to be along the Mediterranean right now (I’m eating pizza and a glass of San Pelligrino, still as good as the real thing, right?). Wrong 😔. Then it hits you: and it’s the answer to all the travellers dreams in one, simple salad.

This is not your ordinary plain salad with lettuce, tomato and cucumber. It has spiced cous cous, sweet and spicy caramelised onions, fresh herbs, raisins, toasted chopped almonds, acidic pan-fried tomatoes and the hint of lemon. What’s not to love!

Spicy, sweet, fresh, zingy, acidic and absolutely delish! Serve with grilled meats, in burgers or even along side a piece of salmon, and it instantly transports you to the Mediterranean!

It may not be the real deal, but you can’t be sad with this salad on the table!

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