Simple, I like your style.

Iranian fritters

How to describe these fritters? Crispy, sweet, acidic, thin and most of all delicious. Whether their served with yoghurt, hommus, on their own or with this vibrant sauce, their sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

The minimal ingredients the fritters contain may give you the impression that they lack flavour. However, with protein-rich eggs, crunchy breadcrumbs, sweet currents soaked in acidic lemon juice, fragrant spices and plenty of fresh herbs, it certainly is not the case. I must admit, the fritters on their own can be a little bland, and the the variety of sauces you can serve these with give them freshness, brightness and a bit more life. And it’s not just sauces you are able to serve the fritters with; they can be used as burgers, roughly chopped and tossed into a salad and so much more. For me, the versatility of these fritters is what got me on side.

The fritters are delicious, but it’s the green sauce that makes them so special. The homemade sauce that goes with these fritters is made of tahini (a sesame seed paste preserved in oil), parsley (for the vibrant green colour of course!), acidic lemon juice, salt and water. Drizzled over the top of these spicy, moist fritters gives them a lift and makes them taste even more special!

So have a go at these simple, versatile fritters. They take no time to cook, and taste as good as they look!

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