Winter on a plate

Pumpkin, sage and pine nut risotto

Looking for a dish that includes seasonal veg, delicious flavour combinations and is budget friendly? Well today is your lucky day!

Risotto is one of the many things that seems simple, but there is an art to it. The trick is to stir constantly when adding the stock, making sure you stir until all the liquid is evaporated before adding more.

You could make classic white risotto, or you could add different elements that pair well together to amp it up a level. In this case, I’ve added butternut pumpkin, sage and pine nuts.

The pumpkin gives delicious sweetness and melts into the rice as it cooks: making it smooth. The sage perfumes the whole pan the more you cook it and the pine nuts gives nuttiness (of course!) and adds that extra ‘something’ that would be lost if absent in the dish.

Oh, and it’s super healthy!

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