This dish is so tart

This tart is so simple. I made my own pastry, which was only four ingredients and when blitzed together gives you a nice dough. This is definitely a delicious and cheat’s alternative to puff or short crust pastry and has a similar effect when baked.

Inside the tart, there is a delicious creamy filling made from ricotta, mascarpone, sugar and lemon rind to give it that citrus zing. This is perfect for the overall dish.

The exciting part that is first seen. The nectarines. This beautiful fruit has been roasted with brown sugar. This has allowed them to not only soften, but have been able to intensify the flavour both naturally and from the sugar.

Despite the sweetness created, it is still tart and cuts through the sweetness of the filling, so the overall dish is not too sweet. The caramel-like juices have been used as a garnish along with the roasted pistachios and icing sugar.

Different types of sugars are used for different purposes, in which case this recipe calls for brown sugar that gives a caramel flavour and syrupy texture.

I love this dish because it is so simple and makes a delicious dessert. Many of the ingredients in this recipe pair well together and the burnt flavours of the nectarines are delicious with the filling.

This is perfect on its own or even with a nice cup of tea. Go on, have a go. I’m telling you, it’s worth it.


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