The best food of all

It is almost Summer! Bring on the beach, the sun, the holidays and fun! One thing I love about Summer is the variety of ingredients available to make beautiful food. Mangoes, passionfruits, peaches, watermelon, beetroot, capsicum, fresh herbs, lettuce and so much more. With Summer just around the corner, why not use some of this seasonal produce to make HOMEMADE PASTA?

Like most foods, eating this pre-made is always yummy, but when cooking the real thing from scratch, it is next-level delicious. The silky, thin pasta mixed with the delicious tomato and spinach sauce is amazing. Topped off with a bit of freshly grated parmesan and chopped herbs ties everything together and is so tasty. This dish isn’t just great in flavour, texture and smell (incredible), but also looks very appetising.

Without a doubt PASTA is the most delicious food of all time.Argue with me all you like, I’m not changing my mind any time soon!

Enjoy 🙂

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