The art of dumplings

Passing and passing the Asian restaurants, seeing the amount of skill that goes into the dumplings that I eat amazes me. Every person who is feeling up to the challenge has had a go at cooking this delicious dish but no one can ever master the art.

To take the weight off your shoulders I decided to make a cheat’s version. It may not look like it but trust me, these are simpler than you would anticipate! The part that makes these dumplings so straightforward: wonton rappers in a packet, and a 4 ingredient filling! Forget the time-consuming process of preparing.

The question that divides everyone: crust or no crust? Well, in this recipe there’s a thin crust on the base of each dumpling as well as a perfectly cooked centre and pastry. Oh, and one more thing that a dumpling wouldn’t be a dumpling without: a dipping sauce! Made from just 3 ingredients, sesame oil, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce.

If it’s one recipe that had me on side, it was definitely these dumplings!


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