thanks sweetie.

Sweet potatoes with chicken and jalapeño slaw

It’s a freezing winter’s night and all you want to do is sit down and relax, but you don’t know what to do for dinner. The ideas of a time consuming roast beef and a takeaway pizza that has a carb level that goes through the roof pop into your head, but you know it all adds up. So while flipping through tonnes of magazines, you stumble across a delicious, big meal that is packed with goodness. This so called ‘delicious big meal’ happens to be yummy sweet potatoes with a trendy, nutritious slaw!

Don’t like the sound of it? Well, hear me out and you might change your mind! It starts off with a base of whole roasted, caramelised sweet potatoes that would be perfect on their own. Although for me, stopping here is simply not an option. So, a zingy Mexican-inspired filling made from chicken, black beans, tomato, green chilli, cottage cheese, lime, coriander and shallots is piled on top. On top of that sits a delicious slaw made from red cabbage, lime, coriander and jalapeños that adds a-maz-ing freshness to the dish. Finally, top with a sprinkling of coriander and chilli on top and there you have the most incredibly tasty and healthy homemade meal that tops all the ‘convenient’ meals in the supermarket. Yummm 😋


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