Sweet pumpkin!

Thai style slow-roasted pumpkin soup

Think sweet pumpkin, Thai red curry paste and everything in between. This dish goes from sweet, to spicy, to zingy, to crunchy, to fresh, to charred and to creamy. Don’t let this simple soup put you off- well it’s  actually not that simple.

The base of this deliciously hearty meal is uncomplicated, and it’s the toppings that make it complex: crunchy wonton wrappers, blanched broccolini, sliced fresh chilli, sliced red cabbage, roasted pumpkin bits, coconut cream, spring onions, black sesame seeds and finally a lime wedge. Quite a bit!

Of course if you decide to make this you don’t have to add all of the elements; but I entered the ‘cook the cover and win’ taste magazine competition of May 2018, so I couldn’t resist!

Just by roasting the pumpkin in this soup automatically gives it a better flavour and honestly makes a huge difference. The dark roasted flavours pair great with the Thai red curry paste. Without the roasting process this would be just another average pumpkin soup: this process separates it from the rest and makes it the tastiest pumpkin soup ever!

So next time your thinking of cooking a delicious winter warmer, come back to this recipe and try it out!

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