Summer lovin’

Mixed stone fruit gilette/tart

I am loving this consistent warm weather! Perfect for the holidays and relaxing with an ice cold drink. Why not continue the rest and relaxation with this mixed stone fruit tart! Without having to do an hour of work when you could be chilling, this can easily be made in advance so all you need to do is thaw the ice cream and slice up the tart. Full of mixed stone fruit: you can use whatever stone fruit you like; I’ve used a variety, with plums, apricots, white peaches and yellow nectarines. This not only celebrates the array of seasonal fruit, but looks very colourful and appetising when straight out of the oven; not to mention the fruit being blistered, and the crumbly, sugary pastry that is golden brown. The sugar that is sprinkled creates a thin layer of toffee and the berry juices from the raspberries are bubbling away. The recipe says to make your own pastry and I highly support that as it does make a huge difference. This is perfect to top the whole night off after dinner and drinks. I recommend you trying this one: if you are going to make it, make sure to serve it with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream!

open fruit gilette

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