Simplicity at its best

Baked Garlicky Mushrooms

So, your in the kitchen stumped. Your thinking that you have the perfect centrepiece but not one side. You don’t want just a boring old leafy green salad and want to jazz it up a bit. A light bulb thought just popped into your head. “I’ve got it, baked garlicky mushrooms!” The intense roasted flavour, soft texture and cheesy luxury sitting on a heavenly bed of tomatoes, garlic and sage makes these mushrooms something definitely worth cooking. The meatiness of the mushrooms make them filling and you don’t have that desired after-crave for meat. The roasting makes a huge difference in terms of flavour and gives the mushrooms this charred flavour that is addictive. Not only do these mushrooms pass the taste test, they are so versatile and make a great side for a dinner, a hit for a main lunch or a cracker of a breakfast served with bacon and eggs. The combination of all these ingredients in the mushroom dish play with your taste buds and you have this constant desire to make them again. The acidic taste of the tomatoes, the sharpness of the mushrooms, the bite from the sage and the slight creaminess and savoury flavour from the cheese is just ever so moreish. So as we are heading towards the end of Summer, why not invite the coming cooler months with this lovely tray of mouth-watering, succulent, delectable and yummy goodness. 


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