Simple but special

Orange and Polenta Cake

Today was a rainy, cold day and I felt the urge to cook something. With a few basics in the fridge, and some ripe oranges in the fruit bowl, I decided to give the 5 ingredient orange and polenta cake a go. This cake has few ingredients, hence the syrup. To make this cake something simple but special, you need to make the most of the 5 ingredients you have to ensure the results are not average.

Not only is this cake tasty, it can be eaten for afternoon tea or as a dessert. Using the 5 ingredient advice, the oranges were used to add fragrance (from the zest), tang and sweetness (from the juice) and simply served as fresh on the side. Furthermore, the olive oil provides a healthier alternitave to butter and the end results are lighter. Polenta is a grain which is perfect for soaking up all the beautiful caramelised orange juices in the recipe. The almond meal adds a nutty flavour and gives a crunchier texture, and the honey creates a sticky sweet flavour throughout the whole dish.

The abscence of flour in this dish means that it is gluten free and the honey is a sweet substitute for the refined sugars. Not only will this be the most simplistic dish you will ever bake, it is a perfectly balanced cake without the feeling of guilt. Who knew a cake could be so healthy?

Enjoy xx

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