Oh my, it’s pie!

Apple and Rhubarb Pie

Oh my it’s pie! Sigh, it’s just pie. Why? We can multiply, amplify and intensify; now I’m satisfied! Don’t think of it as just pie, there’s such a wide range of ingredients to make it all the more exciting. You could go exotic, with mango and passionfruit. You could stick to a classic apple pie, or perhaps you can add a little more excitement to the basics. Either way you choose, they all sound equally delicious.

I’ve made an apple pie with rhubarb to jazz it up a bit, and did you think I was going to just leave it at that?! I’ve also made homemade shortcrust pastry and have added quite a bit of sugar to the filling for a caramel-like effect. When you take your first bite of the pie all these flavours are hitting you. You’ve got tanginess from the fruit, sweetness from the pastry, richness from the toffee and the burst of freshness from the vanilla ice cream.

If you do decide to make your own pastry, you’ve done the hard bit and the rest of it is easy. You don’t even need to stew the fruit; just chop it up, mix it with sugar and some other flavours, bake it and volià! There you have your very own homemade pie ready to serve on any occasion. I highly recommend this one, it’s simple but something very special.


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