Meet my best fri-aands…

Haven’t got a lot of flour, but want to bake a cake? Why not try these cute and deliciously sweet friands that use an almond meal substitute!

These French-inspired desserts are the perfect afternoon treat. They have a sugary almond filling with blueberries, which adds a tartness, so they are not overly sweet. There are also dusted with icing sugar that makes these all the more special.

The best part about making these gorgeous little cakes is seeing them being brought out of the oven. There’s a thin, crispy, caramelised top that has developed while cooking. The skin is peeling off the blueberries which have juice oozing out of them that is bubbling away, and below the golden crust there’s a light, fluffy and luscious almond batter made by the egg whites in the mixture.

After trying millions of cakes, pastries and desserts, these have definitely become one of my best fri-aands!

Friand Pic 1

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