I love this dessert to the moon and back

White chocolate mousse with red mirror glaze, raspberry gel and chocolate soil

We all love a classic chocolate mousse: the light and airy texture, smooth consistency and who doesn’t love chocolate? The classic dessert has been altered, glazed and a couple more elements added and the results are extraordinary!

This is not your ordinary chocolate mousse. Typically, we think it to have dark chocolate, but white chocolate has been used in this recipe and gives a slightly sweeter taste. Plus, it has a mirror glaze. A mirror glaze is essentially just a sugar syrup combined with condensed milk, white chocolate and food colouring and gives a glossy look that you can usually see your reflection in, hence the name. It has a raspberry gel, which gives acidity and freshness to the dish and a dark chocolate soil combined with hazelnut meal to give crunch, and bitterness, so the dish isn’t too sweet.

Like the title insinuates this dessert reminds me of a red moon, and the chocolate soil like the rocks that sit all over it. The mirror glaze gives this flawless shine to the extreior and it has this special surprise of chocolate mousse inside. This is a classic chocolate mousse that has gotten a modern makeover, I love this dessert to the moon and back!


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