Healthy pasta? YES PLEASE.

Spinach Pici Pasta

The first thing when you think homemade pasta: “it sounds absolutely delicious, but whose got the time and energy to do it?” Well think again. This is pasta, but not as you know it. You see, it replaces all the heavy carbs, plus it has a light sauce full of nutritious vegetables. Forget mixing, kneading, resting, rolling and finally cooking the actual dish. This spinach pasta requires only two of those five steps: mixing and cooking. Plus, the pasta is literally two ingredients blended together, then all you need to do is roll smaller pieces by hand. No where near as difficult as rolling normally! Furthermore, if you are wanting to make it in advance, you can simply prep it and then dry it out; it just takes a few minutes longer in the water. Cook the pasta al dente, chop up a few vegetables and sautè, toss the two together and volia! There you have an awesome dinner that includes every aspect of pasta, but full of healthy ingredients. There’s only one word left to say: delicious.


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