Filling Food Fix

Sticky Lamb Chops with Sweet Orange Glaze.

The 5 ingredient method has once again been a delicious, nutritious affordable dish that doesn’t compromise on flavour or quality. Containing ingredients that you would likely find in your fridge, this is something that everyone should try. This meal can easily feed two people; but you can always double or even triple the quantities to feed more.

What makes this so delicious you ask? Well, to begin with, there’s seared juicy lamb chops that have gnarly bits of crispy rendered fat on the edges. Not to mention the charred carrots, sweet garlic cloves and fragrant orange zest and thyme. Finished off with a simple but moreish glaze that’s made of pure orange juice. The juice is reduced and turns into a sticky, thick and glossy sauce that sticks to the rest of the food. The beauty about it is that it has 1 ingredient, orange juice; and it tastes like it has several others, you’ll be able to fool everyone! The carrots turn sweet and caramelised and just by bruising the garlic slightly releases the fragrance of it throughout the pan and it becomes sweet and mellow.

I also love the variety of ways you can use the oranges to flavour the dish: zest for fragrance and juice for sweetness. Once you’ve tried this dish, it will instantly be added to your repertoire. It’s about using quality ingredients and turning them into an amazing meal. Beautiful.

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