A taste of heaven

Pappa Al Pomodoro Soup

I have been wanting to make this soup for ages. Waiting for that perfect winter’s night where we can all warm up to this beautiful meal. Cold days are saved for soup days. On these days, you have a simple bowl of deliciousness to warm up your body while staring at the dark, grey, rainy and bitterly cold outside. There are positives to get you through the autumn-winter seasons, these being the hearty, filling food that these seasons tend to come with.

What I also love about this dish is that it couldn’t be more simple. Making the most of the 5 ingredients plus the most basic kitchen staples and pairing them with flavours that they go hand in hand with each other. Legend has it, it is the sort of dish that is similar to what they used to have in Italy (yum!).

Just by using the garlic and basil in this recipe makes all the difference. It is fragrant throughout the whole dish and gives an unbelievable flavour hit. The tinned tomatoes make it rich and is best friends with basil and garlic so it tastes even better. The ciabatta adds texture, makes it thick and soaks up all the beautiful juices of the tomatoes and the juices that have been created in that large pot simmering away. The parmesan also thickens it and acts like an almost seasoning for the whole meal. Finally, garnishing with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of basil leaves ties it all together.

What an uncomplicated, quick, generous dish that does definitely not compromise on flavour and textural elements. It is simply a taste of heaven.


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