A sprinkle of cinnamon

Cinnamon scrolls

When thinking of something sweet to cook, a range of desserts flood your mind – from chocolate puddings to simple oven-baked cakes, and lemon meringue pies to macarons. But when you have the whole afternoon, why not bake cinnamon scrolls!

You may think: “Cinnamon scrolls? How hard can that be?!” Trust me, it is quite the lengthy recipe. But, if done right, the results are definitely worth it. A whole process of making the dough, proofing the dough, making a cinnamon butter, rolling the dough out to a specific size, spreading the cinnamon butter, making a sugar glaze, putting half the glaze on the bottom of the pan, rolling the dough up, resting the dough in the tin and finally baking the actual dish in the oven!

Don’t be intimidated by this, because again, when you serve them you feel this sense of achievement. Baked cinnamon sugar flavoured dough, sticky sweet sugar glaze, crunchy pecans: I could go on for ages! But all I will say is, the first bite has you hooked: so beware!

Oh, and also devour… 😋


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