A piece of cake: not!

Chocolate Layered Castle Cake

What a cake! This is going to be a looong description, so here it goes…..

First of all, it has six layers of moist chocolate cake separated and covered by chocolate buttercream. This is covered by grey fondant icing and is imprinted with a stone stamp/print, to give it a realistic effect. There is two large cakes on the bottom (they are cut in half so there is four) and one smaller and deeper cake on top (this is also separated in half).

The grey fondant icing covers all the sides and the top using measurements to get the right shapes. There is black rolled out fondant that is being cut into small arches and rectangles. There are towers on each corner with rolled out grey fondant and black fondant on the top of this. There are cardboard rolls to support the icing.

Liquorice has been cut out into stars for the top of the towers and is also surrounding the outside of the cake. There is also black fondant imprinted with a wooden stamp to represent a door and small stones made out of icing. There is fabric attached to the door to make a drawbridge. On top of all of this, there is piped green buttercream icing and piped blue buttercream icing around the cake.

Oh, I forgot! What are all these parts of the cake? Well, the black arches and small rectangles are the windows and arrow slits. The grey fondant represents the stone, the liquorice is the fence and the pattern on top of the towers, the blue icing represents moat and the green represents the grass.

This is an exhausting five hour job, so I don’t expect you to attempt it. But what I can say is that it was totally worth it. The cake is moist and light. The sugary fondant icing is sweet, and melts in my mouth. The buttercream icing between the layers of cake adds to the chocolate flavour, and the liquorice and the coloured icing around the cake just makes it that little bit more special.

Castle Pic 4

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