The perfect cure for sadness

Classic chocolate cake

It’s a Monday night and you’re feeling bored and already sick of the school/working week. What to do on a Monday night? T.V seems cliché, and you are too tired to work. Despite all this, I’ve got something simple, and comforting to make you feel a little bit better about Mondays.

It’s not a complicated super food salad, or a test of mastering the art of profiteroles, it’s something a lot more basic; a chocolate cake of course! It’s not your average chocolate cake either. It is filled with coconut, and flavoured with coffee, plus it’s covered with chocolate and sour cream icing! I used crème fraiche instead of sour cream, but it turned out just as well and is the perfect substitute. (This is already a very rich cake but if you wanted to go even further, you could cut the middle to create two layers and slather the inside with lashings of cherry or blackcurrant jam 🙊).

The perfect cure for Monday-itis.


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