The sweetest clouds of air.

Vanilla Macarons

In what I thought would be a somewhat tiring task ahead ended up being a very very tiring task! Macarons are one of the many desserts that requires precision, focus and patience.

With my first time at attempting an Italian meringue which suprisingly turned out better than expected (compared to the French meringue which I can never get right!), and the rest of the batter made with crunchy almond meal, elegant icing sugar, fluffy egg whites and the pleasant hint of vanilla, the end result were these irresistible and sweet little clouds!

Like most French desserts, there is a fine line between flat and disastrous macarons and sweet and chewy macarons! However, don’t let it intimidate you. The trick to getting no cracks on the surface is the drying part. The longer they dry, the smoother they will be!

Trying one of these gorgeous bite-sized treats after baking will allow you to feel a sense of achievement. Now, where did I put them?

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