Catch your eye cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore

There are healthy and light dishes, as well as heavy and indulgent dishes. What separates them? Well, while heavy meals may be the most satisfying, and it seems light dishes are boring, you. Thought. Wrong.

Over the past few years, the word ‘health’ has made its way into the food industry and is used in virtually every dish. Whether it be salads, stews or even desserts, this has grown to be the number one interest for so many people. AND if you are trying to avoid fat, this is an amazing stew that solves all those problems… instantly.

We all know and love the classic chicken cacciatore. Tomatoes, olives and all the Mediterranean flavours paired with delicious chicken and always served with mash potato, cous cous or even crusty bread (for mopping all the juices up, yum!). However, this dish has all the essential ingredients, but with a ton more veggies. So so healthy, you will never ever look any further.


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